About the Project.

The Haydari Project is an initiative that brings together the poetry that we have cherished for generations along with their translations, all in a clean and easy to access mobile app. Our goal is to connect people and poetry - for generations to come.



As Azadars, it is very common to find ourselves searching the web to find a write-up for our desired poem. What is much more difficult to come across, however, is the translations for those same poems. The authors of the original Urdu/Punjabi poetry are usually native speakers and have little motivation to include translations of their work..

Many reciters in the West do not have the fortune of being fluent in their mother tongue and therefore are not able to intuitively grasp the weight of what is being recited. Similarly, much of the audience may not appreciate the act of poetry recitation for the same reason.

The Haydari Project was born in concept over 2 years ago when a few mu'mineen recognized this problem and decided to solve it for themselves. With the help of native-speaking Urdu family members, they translated some of their favorite poems and created a pseudo database in Google Drive.

Over time, the number of translations grew and were shared with other mu'mineen who faced a similar language barrier. Due to the overwhelming appreciation for these translations, the idea for The Haydari Project app was created...

The Haydari Project is an initiative that essentially brings together poetry write-ups (transliteration) and their accompanying translations to the accessibility of a clean and concise mobile application.